Terms and conditions

Welcome to Squid Market! We are excited to introduce our services to you. Below, you will find all the information you need to get started.

1. Our Services

At Squid Market, we offer the following services:

  • The opportunity to explore Squid Market's website - more information in section 2 below.
  • The chance to become a Consignment Customer and let Squid Market sell your items on commission - more about this in sections 3-7 below.
  • The possibility to shop in our store - more about this in section 8 below.

To avail our services, you need to:

  • Follow our terms and conditions, along with any other guidelines we share with you. Also, remember to adhere to applicable laws and regulations when using our services.
  • Have an internet connection and the necessary equipment to access our services.
  • Ensure that the information you provide during registration and use of our services is accurate and complete.

2. Our Website

Squid Market's website is available to you around the clock, seven days a week, all year round. We kindly ask you not to intentionally expose our website to malicious code. Let's keep things clean and pleasant here!

3. Selling Through Us

At Squid Market, we sell your items on commission. This means you get paid when your items sell, based on a portion of the sale price. We take care of everything, so you can sit back and watch your items find new homes. You can always have a look at Mittsaldo.se to see what items you have handed in for sale and which items have been sold.

As a Consignment Customer, you have the opportunity to set the price for your items, but the choice of items for sale is up to us. Together, we work to find the best prices and the right buyers.

Squid Market strives to have submitted items for sale for at least 45 days (sales period) from receipt, but cannot always guarantee availability throughout this period due to inventory management and photography.

We have the right to adjust sales prices by up to 20%, without notifying the customer, for items priced under 1500 SEK. For higher prices, we will seek approval before any price reduction. If the selling price of an item in the store is valued at less than SEK 5,000, the Consignment Customer receives 40% of the selling price. If the selling price of an item in the store is valued at SEK 5,000 or over, the Consignment Customer receives 60% of the selling price.

During the sales period, customers who have submitted items have the opportunity to request the return of unsold items with 1-2 days' notice. After the sales period ends, the customer has the option to retrieve unsold items and will be notified via the provided contact information. The customer has 30 days to collect the item/items from Squid Market's store from the date of notification of the end of the sales period, and if the item/items are not collected or no other arrangement is made, ownership transfers to Squid Market.

Customers have no right to compensation for items they believe have been sold too cheaply or that Squid Market has donated to charity or recycled for "remake" after ownership has transferred to Squid Market.

In the event of loss, theft, or damage to an item, Squid Market refunds the entire price that the product was decided to be sold for in Squid Market's store, to the customer.

4. Becoming a Consignment Customer

We welcome you to become part of the Squid Market family as a Consignment Customer. To qualify, you need to:

  • Be over 18 years old (or over 16 with parental approval).
  • Have a Swedish bank account in your name to receive your sales commission.
  • Provide your own contact details, so we can always stay in touch with you.
  • Own the items you want to sell through us and make sure they match our quality standards.
  • Sign the agreement to become a proud Consignment Customer!

5. Payment for Your Sales

We want to see you rewarded for your hard work! Your sales commission will be available as “credits” which you can use to purchase other products in Squid Market’s store at a discounted price. If you wish, you can of course have your sales commission paid out at the end of each month through a seamless bank transfer. If you wish to have your sale commission paid out, please let us know before the 24th each month.

6. Quality Standards for Your Items

We accept clothing, shoes, and accessories that fit within our concept. The items need to be clean, intact, and in good condition. Unfortunately, we cannot accept counterfeit goods or items that infringe on third-party rights. We thoroughly check to make sure everything is in order!

7. Shopping through Our Website

Some of the items we have in store can be viewed and requested to purchase on our website. Simply send a request to: hello@squidmarket.se with the item of interest and to discuss payment and pick-up/or delivery options. Prices include VAT, and you can choose to pay and/or pick up the item/items in the Squid Market-store (for free) or have them delivered (and in that case pay for the delivery). Squid Market does not offer any right of open purchase or right of return to any of the products bought through our website.

8. Shopping In-Store

Welcome to our store! Items are sold as-is, and it is your responsibility to carefully examine them before making a purchase decision. Squid Market does not offer any right of open purchase or right of return to any of the products bought in our store.

We hope you feel inspired to explore our services and be part of the Squid Market community. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly team is here to assist you!

Best regards, The Squid Market Team